Warning: Your Lead Generation Process Sucks… Here’s What To Do About It.
From the desk of Coach AJ Lew: 
August 1, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Dear Friend,

If you are like most small business owners I speak with… you could use more leads to grow your business. 

But, there is a major problem…

Most lead gen strategies suck! 

What do I mean by that?

Well it’s simple… here’s what most small business owners do:

1. Sit and wait: This consist of putting up your website, store, social media sites, and Google page… maybe paying someone to optimize the SEO… and then waiting for calls to come in. 

This is kind of like throwing throwing your bait into the water… leaving your fishing pole there… and hoping that your pole caught and reeled in the fish on it’s own.

Is it possible? 

Sure… after all… we live in a time where people are licking ice cream for likes online.

But is it likely to work… NO!

Why not?

Because passively sitting back and waiting is the WORST way to grow your business.

Which brings us to strategy #2 that most small business owners attempt

2. Lead Gen Companies: Outsource your marketing to a lead gen company promising to send you X number of leads every 30 days

What does that look like…

Well… last time I talked to a business owner about his lead gen company he literally told me he had leads named Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck that came from these “guaranteed lead magicians”. (He also paid $17 for each of these)

Sure… it’s better than nothing.

But most of these companies recycle leads and care more about volume than quality which means half the time the person you’re calling has never heard of you and doesn’t even want what you have to offer.

This is kinda like telling a guy you’ll pay him $2 per fish and then having to pay up when he brings you tadpoles and carp… he doesn’t care if you’re trying to feed your family.

Which takes us to most common solution # 3…

3. The spray and pray method: Spending a ton of money on flyers, ads, and sponsorships trying to “get your name out there” hoping that the right person resonates with your message and decides to give you a call. 

This is kinda like trying to use the same bait to catch every type of fish… it’s just not gonna work.

And if it does… you’re going to waste a whole lot of money on bait that didn’t catch a thing. 

So… what is the smart business owner to do?

Spend the next 10 years attempting to learn marketing while also running your business???

Not likely.

But lucky for you, there is a solution.

What if I told you that there was a way to generate as many qualified leads as you want each month…

Within the budget that you want to pay for them…

And that each of them literally raised their hands and said “I am interested in what you have to offer!!!”

Sound too good to be true?

I used to think so too…

Until I saw it for myself.

I had just quit my 6 figure sales job to work as a contracted closer for this new fitness start-up company.

The owner told me he could “make it rain leads”.

I called bullsh**...

After spending a few weeks learning what they sold and developing my script…

I told him I was ready to start closing deals.

And that’s when it happened…

He turned on what is known as “direct response ads” online…


Within 48 hours I had over 150 leads to follow up with…

And they all already knew our company… knew what we were selling… and knew that we had a solution to their problem.

It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

After that… I was hooked.

I invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn direct response advertising from some of the best in the world and started helping others to apply it to their business…

And what were the results?

We tripled the sales of a personal trainer I worked with who was selling $27 workouts online.

I’ve helped a restaurant bring in over 600 new customers each month and win a Best of Las Vegas award. 

I’ve helped a makeup business bring in over 230 leads in 2 weeks for less than $500.

And it was all done through direct response marketing online.

So… what exactly is direct response marketing you ask?

It is as old as the pony express… yet so rarely used it seems like a magical secret.

So how do you use this system in your business?

Well… it’s simple really.


You determine WHO your best buyers are… 

Not the ones who keep you up at night… wishing they would go away.

But the ones that you dream of who make it easy and fun to provide your service to. 


You find out WHERE they hang out…

It doesn’t matter if this is online or offline (don’t let the Facebook ad gurus fool you)

You want to determine where you can advertise to get the attention of your best buyers.


You create some type of bait to get them to raise their hand and express their interest…

What does this look like?

Well it can be a free guide… a checklist… a report… a video… a free gift… etc. 

The possibilities are endless…

What really matters is that you get them to say they want to solve the problem or get the results that your business can help them achieve. 

So… you give them this bait IN EXCHANGE for their contact information. 

But… you don’t want to stop there.


Because even though someone wants to solve the problem your business can help them solve… 

It doesn’t mean that they are ready to solve it today.

They may need 30 - 60 - or 90 days before they are ready to take action. 

Which brings us to the next step:


Follow up with them in different ways by providing value and goodwill until they are ready to take you up on your offer.

You don’t know WHY each customer will buy.

Everyone buys for THEIR reasons… not ours.

But… since you collected their contact information.

You now have the ability to follow-up with them whenever you want to…

And as long as you are providing value…

They will stay.

Because even though they aren’t ready now…

When they ARE ready…

It will be YOU that they choose because YOU gave them results in advance and helped them get closer to solving their problem. 

I’ve seen this little change help businesses go from barely getting by… to thriving and kicking a**.

Now don’t get me wrong…

This isn’t something you just put up like a silver bullet that magically makes it rain!

You are going to have to test a few things…

You’ll have to test you market… 

Who you are talking to and where you are talking to them.

You’ll have to test your message…

What are you saying to them to build interest and attract them to your business.

And you’ll have to test your offer.

You’ll want to make sure that they are willing to give you their contact information in exchange for whatever it is that you’re offering them.

This will take some time…

But it is the only surefire way to start generating the quality, qualified leads your business is looking for.

So how can you start implementing this in your business?

Here’s what I got…

I set aside some time to help you plan your direct response campaign from start to finish. 

This is a 1-½ hour call that is all about your business! 

Here’s what it will do for you…

By the end of the call, you will have a complete campaign strategy that you can implement in your business.

That means… you will have clarity on who your best buyers are…

You will have specific places to find them…

You will have the exact bait needed to get them to raise their hand…

And you will have all of the follow up angles so that you can educate and turn those leads into buyers. 

Implementing this system can help you double or triple your business in the next 90 days (as long as you can close the leads…)

And if you need… we will also create a plan for closing those leads in the fastest and most effective way.

Here’s what to do next…

The price for the call is $247. 

You get a double your money back guarantee…

What does that mean?

If you feel like I wasted your time on the call (which has literally never happened…)

I will not only give you your money back… but I will double it for the inconvenience. 

And… to make it even better…

If you decide that you want help after the fact to implement this strategy…

Your $247 will be directly applied to your implementation coaching which is a year long program to help you implement and optimize this system for your business. 

So click the button below and schedule your call today. 

As soon as you schedule you will get an email and a text message from me to confirm your appointment. 

I look forward to speaking with you and creating a winning game plan to help you grow your business… fast! 

Coach AJ Lew

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